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    Located on the ground floor of Kitchener City Hall, the Rotunda Gallery features monthly exhibits of the work of regional artists. The Rotunda Gallery is an open-concept space welcoming visitors seven days a week. The gallery's hanging wall has a 48' picture rail and 48" of vertical hanging space. The city advertises an annual call for month-long exhibition opportunities in the gallery. A jury of arts professionals selects the successful proposals.

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    Rotunda Gallery

    Waterloo Collegiate students' work featured in May exhibit at the Rotunda Gallery
    Tuesday, April 20, 2010 -

    KITCHENER - The relationship between Kitchener and Waterloo is highlighted in the Rotunda Gallery's annual student show, an event underlining the importance and celebration of Youth Week May 1-7.
    For this year's show, students at Waterloo Collegiate Institute have created a series of 50 sequential images. The gallery becomes a space where visitors experience the artwork differently depending on their entry point into the gallery. The exhibit is entitled ''Coming and Going.''
    Two Grade 11 art classes at WCI created two large-scale, deconstructed zoetropes, each 25 images in length. A zoetrope is a device that produces an illusion of action from a rapid succession of static pictures.
    ''Kitchener and Waterloo have such distinct yet enmeshed identities. Our ambiguous borders and shared streets often make it difficult to tell which city one is in,'' says WCI art teacher, Kyle Bishop. ''At other times, the cities have profoundly different identities and cultures. The overlaps, tensions, and harmonies between the cities act as a core metaphor in this project.''
    Centred around a sign at the border between Kitchener and Waterloo, the piece is comprised of two sequences: one entering Kitchener (or leaving Waterloo), and one entering Waterloo (or leaving Kitchener).
    Staged as a moving landscape, students considered the relationship between the cities, and the ways in which their own identities correlate home and place, Bishop says.
    Personal experiences and histories are filled in both by the students and the viewers.
    The meet-the-artist reception is scheduled to coordinate with the KYAC awards celebrating the contribution of youth to the community, in the Rotunda on May 6.

    Where: City of Kitchener Rotunda Gallery, city hall
    Artist: Grade 11 students from Waterloo Collegiate Institute
    Name of exhibition: Coming and Going
    Artist's reception: Thursday, May 6, 5-7 p.m.
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    Interesting and timely, given the possible talks on amalgamation. Good to see. Is it just me or is it usually people from Waterloo who tend to emphasize the differences between K and W? As a "K", I have never perceived any important differences beyond the sort of social/economic variations that one would expect to encounter in different neighbourhoods in an urban area of this size and diversity.
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    Rotunda Gallery seeks artists for 2011 exhibits
    Wednesday, July 14, 2010 |

    KITCHENER - Contemporary visual artists are invited to submit applications to be considered for the Rotunda Gallery's monthly exhibits for 2011.

    Applications must be received by Thursday, Sept. 16 at 4 p.m.

    ''Since 1996, the work of more than 150 professional artists has been displayed on a monthly basis in the Rotunda Gallery at city hall. The gallery is a special area on the ground floor where the visual arts have a home,'' says Cheryl York, arts and culture co-ordinator for the City of Kitchener. ''Our exhibits never fail to generate discussion and enjoyment.''

    The 2011 Call for Entry is now available online with all the application details.

    The exhibition program at the Rotunda Gallery supports professional contemporary practice in the visual arts. To promote the local development of visual arts, artists from Waterloo region are given preference.

    Selected by a jury of visual arts professionals, applications are reviewed for:
    • Quality of past artistic work
    • Professional credentials
    • Exhibit proposal

    The Rotunda Gallery is a member of the Ontario Association of Art Galleries (OAAG) and follows OAAG guidelines. Visitors are welcome to visit the gallery seven days a week.

    Please visit for details and submission requirements.
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    Old factories inspire Rotunda Gallery exhibit
    September 22, 2010 |

    KITCHENER – Brian Douglas moved to Kitchener-Waterloo and immediately found himself inspired by the old factories and warehouses that shape the downtown Kitchener landscape.

    Douglas, a photographer, says his exhibit, Forlorn Factories: Found beauty in Kitchener’s industrial landscapes, gives new life to stories of the past and captures the imaginations of viewers.

    The exhibit opens at the Rotunda Gallery Oct. 1.

    “So often we walk by old structures or worn down buildings without taking a second glance to absorb their true, honest beauty or to consider the impact they had on the people around them,” he says, adding the collection is connected directly to Kitchener-Waterloo and its ever-growing, ever-shifting landscapes. “It is my hope that these images will inspire the community to see the area in which they live in a new light and can allow those visiting Kitchener-Waterloo to see its raw, yet beautiful surroundings.”

    Douglas notes some of the buildings appear to sit vacant with stories of productivity long since past, but others have been or are in the process of being revived with new life.

    “Through the crumbling charm of their exteriors to a scattered assortment of items found around their parameters, I have set out to capture the stories these buildings hold,” he says.

    An amateur photographer and artist who thrives on finding new, creative forms of visual expression, Douglas’s photographs depict nature and still life in their most raw and honest forms, finding beauty in harsh surroundings, and tranquility in the everyday. Forlorn Factories is an ongoing project for Douglas. To see more from this collection, visit
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    Thats a really cool idea, looking forward to checking it out!
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    Northern landscapes inspire Rotunda Gallery November exhibit
    October 19, 2010 | Link

    KITCHENER – A series of paintings on paper that invoke northern landscapes is the subject of the November exhibit at the Rotunda Gallery, featuring Toronto artist Snaige Sileika.

    The exhibit, called North Shore, reduces the lines of terrain and horizon into essential, almost abstract, gestures, allowing movement and pattern to emerge.

    “I work in a manner where many of the finished paintings include the initial line-drawings, as recorded in my sketchbook. They show the source of my paintings and are as important to the work as the coloured brushstrokes,” says Sileika. “The northern horizon is my subject matter but revealing my artistic process and the uninterrupted gesture of my hand are part of the final presentation.”

    Sileika’s approach to painting is strongly influenced by her initial career as a printmaker. Like state proofs in printmaking, this series includes black-and-white under-paintings, Sileika says. The term describes the monochromatic paintings that reveal the visual framework of her landscapes, allowing the viewer to see a different view of the same landscape -- a highly distilled composition of sky and land.

    Sileika studied at the University of Toronto and the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris, France. Sileika has had solo exhibitions in Canada, France and Lithuania. In 2003, Michael Glassbourg chose Sileika to be the subject of his documentary, An Artist’s Life, which aired on Bravo! TV.
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    2010 artist-in-residence wraps up year with Rotunda Gallery’s exhibit
    November 25, 2010 | Link

    A year’s worth of work by the City of Kitchener’s artist-in-residence, Stefan Rose, will be on exhibit at the Rotunda Gallery at Kitchener City Hall for the month of December.

    The exhibition, called Grand River: Grand Conversations, examines Kitchener’s geography and history, residents’ sense of place, and the environment using photographs and poems. Throughout his residency, Rose exhibited his work on Grand River Transit buses, and ran public workshops on photography.

    Rose will host a public reception on Thursday, December 9 from 5-7 p.m.

    A Waterloo artist and poet, Rose is interested in creative and documentary art forms, using photography, videography, and poetry. He uses a large-format banquet camera, among others, for his creative work.

    Born in Leeds, England, he immigrated to Canada in 1977. He has exhibited his photographs in numerous solo and group exhibitions, and has collaborated with other artists across many media.

    Rose’s collaborative works include Townsend Retraced, 2004 (with Laura Cunningham and Hilary Martin); Death by Chocolate, 2008 (with photographer Andrew Wright), and several video works commissioned by the Penderecki String Quartet, to accompany their performances across Canada and internationally.

    In 2008 his poetry chapbook, The House That Stands, was published by Anchorage Press, and was awarded first place in the poetry category of the 2008 Alcuin Society Book Design Awards (designer: Andrew Steeves); earlier this year it represented Canada in competition at the World Book Design Awards in Leipzig, Germany.

    The artist-in-residence for 2011 is Sean Puckett, a Kitchener photographer.

    Where: City of Kitchener Rotunda Gallery, city hall
    Artist: Stefan Rose
    Name of exhibition: Grand River: Grand Conversations
    Artist’s reception: Thursday, Dec. 9, 5-7 p.m.
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    January 2011's Featured Artist:

    Stephanie Vegh presents Age of Enlightenment
    Exhibit begins January 3, 2011
    Artist's reception: Thursday, January 6, 5-7pm
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    Bees invade City Hall
    December 24, 2010

    City Hall is a mere week and a half from an invasion of Bees.

    Have no fear though; these are not real bees, but drawings of them. The bees take centre stage in Stephanie Vegh’s exhibit “Age of Enlightenment” which takes center stage at the Rotunda Gallery for the month of January.

    Vegh’s drawings build relationships between the Age of Enlightenment when science grew to be the basis of truth and knowledge about the world.

    “These drawings insert worker drones – usually associated with craft and knowledge – into illustrations of the 18th century Age of Enlightenment, drawing attention to our struggle today to explain the disappearance of the bees,” says Vegh.

    The larger than life bees appear using watercolour pencil on paper, the series of drawings is inspired by the alarming decline of honey bees in our ecosystem, she says.

    Vegh is a graduate of McMaster University. She continued her studies at the Glasgow School of Art followed by an appearance at the Repton School in Derbyshire, England where she served as artist-in-residence. She currently lives in Hamilton where she maintains a studio.

    The exhibit will be held in the Rotunda Gallery in City Hall for the month of January. An artist’s reception will be held January 6, 5-7 p.m.
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    February 2011's Featured Artist:

    Collette Broeders presents Maps of Obsession
    Exhibit begins February 1, 2011
    Artist's reception: Thursday, Feb. 3, 5-7 p.m.
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    Maps of Obsession opens in Rotunda
    January 31, 2011

    Collette Broeders will be the newest artist to have their word displayed in Kitchener City Hall’s Rotunda Gallery. Her exhibit, Maps of Obsession, which includes 15 pieces, opens February 1.

    Maps of Obsession uses a combination of lines, patterns and colours, to convey a sense of real or imaginary space. Broeders will then eventually arrange individual pieces in a grid pattern giving them a much bigger context.

    “In many respects, it is the repetition involved in the creative process itself that motivates my work,” says Broeders. “The very acts of doing, experiencing and producing evoke a ritual consciousness.”

    Broeders is a resident of LaSalle, just outside of Windsor. She worked in accounting and database development for several years before completing a BA of Fine Arts (Visual Arts) at University of Windsor in 2004.
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    March exhibit manipulates common objects to create art

    Household objects and parts, carefully manipulated, twisted, and transformed, become the artwork of Craig Musselman, whose Adventures in Photoshop: The Art of Craig Musselman is featured at the Rotunda Gallery at Kitchener City Hall for the month of March.

    Few of the objects started life as what they become in the images in the exhibit, Mussleman says, adding the exhibit is about fascination.

    “Humans are curious creatures. Our world, even in all its mundane monotony, is sometimes made magnificent through the perception of the mind,” he says. “In most of the images you can begin to play a game of I Spy. If you find the “PINBALL!” picture, you will soon find that no actual pinball machine was involved at all.”

    Indeed, the picture is constructed from a bathtub drain, a paperclip, Christmas lights and ornaments, a carriage clock, a camping plate, a hot chocolate can lid, plastic hangars, a fabric softener lid, bowls, wires, and even a lasagna pan...among other things.

    Musselman has training in web design and development, and digital imaging. He is an Adobe Photoshop instructor at The Button Factory in Waterloo, instructing introductory classes in the program. He also compiled the book, Talent Next Door, a collection of art by 150 artists in Kitchener-Waterloo.

    Where: City of Kitchener Rotunda Gallery, city hall
    Artist: Craig Musselman
    Name of exhibition: Adventures in Photoshop: The Art of Craig Musselman
    Artist’s reception: Thursday, March 3, 6-8 p.m.
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    This looks really cool, worth a visit for sure.
    Keith Marshall
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    April exhibit at the Rotunda Gallery features wearable and free-standing sculpture
    Link | Doc

    Exotic woods, ceramic, precious metal, clay and wool are among the media that Shannon Kennedy uses to create art, in the form of wearable and free-standing sculpture. Each experiment further expands the theme of the piece into a greater concept.

    Her show, habitat, will be exhibited at the Rotunda Gallery for the month of April.

    In this series, each piece is encased within a ‘habitat’ to emphasize its preciousness. In one piece, “Enchanted Forest,” Kennedy created wearable black clay tree sculptures with a forest block print contained within a frame. This creates a home so that when one is wearing the artwork, the print stands on its own.

    “As an artist, I am constantly seeking a way to bring my art expression closer to the people, to their environment, and encourage interaction more directly with the artwork, in the visual attachment and the actual physical awareness,” says Kennedy.

    Kennedy, who runs a jewellery business called Cynosure Jewelry with her partner in Kitchener, has exhibited at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition and the One of a Kind Show and Sale. She has also exhibited at Cambridge Centre for the Arts and Harbinger Gallery, and has upcoming shows at Ottawa School of Art Gallery and Harbourfront Centre this year.

    Artist: Shannon Kennedy
    Name of exhibition: habitat
    Artist’s reception: Thursday, April 7 from 5-7 p.m.
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    Student exhibit explores changing nature of landscape
    Link | Doc

    Works by senior students from Kitchener-Waterloo Collegiate and Vocational Institute’s (KWCVI) photography, design and studio programs are featured in the May exhibit at the Rotunda Gallery.

    The exhibit, entitled Defaced, is influenced by photographs by artists such as Edward Burtynsky to explore how the traditional notion of landscape art has been influenced by advances in technology and industry.

    Using Burtynsky’s work from the 1990s to present day as inspiration, the school’s visual arts department explored the landscape theme by looking at the literal and figurative landscapes around us, examining the link between technology and nature.

    “In most cases, the students were given full creative range in making use of techniques and skills developed through their work to portray their interpretation of the theme,” said Karlie Austin, visual arts teacher at KWCVI. “Once the works were complete, a juried selection process identified strengths, quality of the finished work, and its effectiveness at portraying the interpretation of the theme.”

    This final collection includes art works from students in grades 10-12, using photography, digital mixed media and traditional studio techniques.

    The meet-the-artist reception is scheduled to coordinate with the Kitchener Youth Action Council (KYAC) awards celebrating the contribution of youth to the community, in the Rotunda on May 4.

    As a Gold Status Eco-school, students at KWCVI raise awareness through the One Earth club and the new Transformation branch of student government, which examines and promotes recycling, composting, and energy conservation.

    Artist: Kitchener-Waterloo Collegiate and Vocational Institute: student exhibition
    Name of exhibition: Defaced
    Artist’s reception: Wednesday, May 4, 5-7 p.m.
  18. Call for Entry: Rotunda Gallery 2012 Exhibitions at Kitchener

    the gallery
    The Rotunda Gallery is a unique exhibition space located on the ground floor of Kitchener city hall. The curved, wooden hanging wall includes 48 feet of vertical hanging space above a wall-length bench where visitors linger. The gallery features monthly exhibits of original work by outstanding visual artists.

    call for entry
    Visual artists with professional curricula vitae are invited to submit exhibition proposals for the Rotunda Gallery’s 2012 schedule. Proposals must be received by Thursday, September 15, 2011 at 4 p.m. Please visit for details and submission requirements.

    The exhibition program at the Rotunda Gallery supports professional contemporary practice in the visual arts. To promote the local development of visual arts, artists from Waterloo region are given preference. Proposals are selected by a jury of visual arts professionals, and are reviewed for quality of artistic work and professional credentials.

    Please share this email with others you know who might be keen on exhibiting at the Rotunda Gallery in 2012.

    Carrie Kozlowski
    Program Assistant, Arts and Culture Unit
    Community Services Department, City Hall
    200 King Street West, 7th Floor
    Kitchener, ON N2G 4G7
    ph: 519-741-2912
    fax: 519-741-2723
    tty/textnet: 1-866-969-9994
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    Rotunda Gallery exhibit roots symbols in folk art
    Link | Doc

    The June exhibit of the Rotunda Gallery features the work of Irma Osadsa, who was born in Germany and grew up in the United States. It is the artist’s encounter with the folk art of her Ukrainian heritage, however, that influences Talisman, an exhibit that uses symbols derived from the simple pictographs evident in folk art.

    “The work in this exhibition resulted from my curiosity about symbols and their seeming ability to impart talismanic power to the objects on which they are inscribed,” said Osadsa.

    Many of the symbols, such as the tree of life, the spiral or the triskelion, are common to many cultures and their relevance has persisted over time, Osadsa said.

    “Collectively, they comprise a visual record of human hopes and fears,” she adds. “When one feels helpless before the forces of nature or life’s tribulations, the talisman presumes to offer protection and control.”

    Osadsa said she tries to create visual lures for the viewer, so they can read meaning into images that appear to be ambiguous.

    Osadsa pursued art studies at the Cleveland Institute of Art (BFA) and the Yale University School of Art (MFA). In 1974, marriage to a Canadian brought her to Toronto where she currently lives. She works with various graphic and painting media and has shown her artwork in numerous exhibitions in Canada, the U.S. and Ukraine.

    Where: City of Kitchener Rotunda Gallery, city hall
    Artist: Irma Osadsa
    Name of exhibition: Talisman
    Artist’s reception: Thursday, June 9 from 5-7 p.m.
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    Past meets present in August exhibit at Rotunda Gallery
    Link | Doc

    An exploration of the past via the lifeline of cherished family photographs and artifacts is the subject of August’s exhibit at the Rotunda Gallery at Kitchener City Hall.

    Regeneration by Ilia Horsburgh explores the poetic, transformative and therapeutic uses of photography in its relationship to origin, time, and sense of place.

    “I encourage my subjects to return to the past through an original photograph - a photograph that has, for one reason or another, stood the test of time and held its place in the worn-out wallet folds, digital albums of 'smart' phones or household wall frames of the present,” says Horsburgh. “While those memories may be misguided, misinformed or impossible to render accurately, the therapeutic benefit of recalling the past is what is left in question.”

    Each piece exhibited will feature an original photograph, along with a re-enacted photograph. Referencing original details - including location, clothing and other visual elements, the subjects become actors and interpreters of the past.

    Horsburgh is a freelance cultural and humanitarian photographer who has worked abroad with organizations such as USAID, Red Cross and CIDA. She holds a BA in communication and diploma in photo journalism. Ilia currently resides in Waterloo (
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    Paint and surface interact in November Rotunda Gallery exhibit
    October 25, 2011 | Link | Doc

    The November exhibit of the Rotunda Gallery examines the relationship between paint and the surface to which it is applied. Materialis, by Matt Schust, exploits the surface quality and materiality of paint, often resulting in high-gloss, hard-edged works on an unprimed surface.

    The tension between the paint and the surface of the support creates a stark figure-ground contrast. These works are formal in nature, but are informed by a strong interest in architecture and astronomy.

    “I am interested in how the space of a painting can be both infinite and impenetrable simultaneously,” said Schust, noting conditions influencing the viewing include light, time, space, relationship to other objects, position of viewer(s), etc. “This work is more concerned with viewing painting as an object in a specific context rather than for its pictorial qualities.”

    Matt Schust is a Kitchener native who has recently moved to Kamloops, British Columbia. He has exhibited at several galleries across Canada and has an upcoming exhibition with Cambridge Galleries in 2012. Schust is represented by Gallery Moos/ in Toronto.

    Where: City of Kitchener Rotunda Gallery, city hall

    Artist: Matt Schust

    Name of exhibition: Materialis
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