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  1. 48 & 56 River Road East
    City of Kitchener
    Developer: Aberdeen Homes

    Two multiple dwellings consisting of 30 units and 58 parking spaces.

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    DATE OF REPORT: January 23, 2013 | DATE OF MEETING: February 25, 2013
    REPORT TO: Community & Infrastructure Services Committee | CSD-13-016

    Location Map


    That Demolition Control Application DC12/25/R/MV requesting permission to demolish two (2) single detached dwellings located at 48 & 56 River Road East, owned by Aberdeen Homes, be approved with the following condition:

    The Chief Building Official may authorize and issue a demolition permit under Section 33(6) of the Planning Act subject to the following condition:

    In the event that construction of the new dwelling unit is not substantially complete within two years from the day demolition of the existing residential property is commenced, the City Clerk may enter on the collector’s roll, to be collected in like manner as municipal taxes, $20,000 for each dwelling unit contained in the residential properties in respect of which the demolition permit is issued and such sum shall, until the payment thereof, be a lien or charge upon the land in respect of which the permit to demolish the residential property is issued.


    The Community Services Department has received an application requesting the demolition of two single detached dwellings located at 48 and 56 River Road East. The subject property is zoned Residential Eight Zone (R8) in the Zoning By-law and designated Medium Rise Residential in the City’s Official Plan.

    The Owner would like to demolish the existing dwellings in order to build two multiple dwelling units consisting of 30 units and 58 parking spaces. The proposed development is in conformity with the existing zoning and has received site plan approval in principle (SP12/061/R/AP). In order to ensure that redevelopment of the site occurs in a timely manner, staff are recommending a condition as permitted by the Planning Act. The demolition permit would set out the condition imposing a fine of $20,000 for each dwelling unit if redevelopment is not substantially complete within two years after the demolition has commenced.

    Existing building proposed for demolition

    Circulation Comments
    Planning staff circulated the application to internal departments. Their comments are attached as Appendix “B”.

    Planning Analysis
    Staff have taken all internal agency comments (see Appendix B) into consideration and have no concerns with the proposed demolition. The proposed demolition will permit the replacement of the demolished dwellings with two multiple dwellings consisting of 30 units resulting in a net increase to Kitchener’s housing stock. The redevelopment of the site with the new multiple dwellings has received site plan approval in principle and is consistent with the intent of the Medium Rise Residential designation in the Official Plan and is a permitted use under the Residential Eight (R-8) zone.


    The proposed demolition is required prior to the redevelopment of the subject site and will align with the Kitchener Strategic Plan as it ensures the implementation of the community priority Development with appropriate redevelopment that is consistent with Provincial, Regional and City planning policies.


    No new or additional capital budget requests are expected with this recommendation.


    An information letter will be circulated to all property owners within 60 metres of the subject property in advance of the Community and Infrastructure Services Committee Meeting dealing with the subject application.


    Planning staff are satisfied that the proposed demolition is justified as the Owner intends to rebuild two multiple dwellings consisting of 30 units in the place of the existing two dwelling units. This will increase the housing stock that is compatible with the neighbourhood in accordance with the Official Plan and Zoning By-law. As such, staff recommends that Demolition Control Application DC12/25/R/MV, requesting permission to demolish the existing single detached dwellings, be approved subject to the condition outlined in the recommendation of this report.

    Site Plan

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    These site plans always show the buildings to be demolished, but never seem to show the trees to be removed.

    Increased density out here will mean Victoria St N will finally get some sidewalks, right? I hope?
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    30 units and 58 parking spaces
    I guess I shouldn't have expected anything lower given the location, but that's still nearly 2 spaces per unit.
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    I just assume all trees on the lot will be removed in all cases... it reduces disappointment.