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  1. Hi,
    I'm very new to the Region of Waterloo and I would like to know where are the best camping, parks and beaches spots in and around the area
    I looked all over Google but nothing seems to pop up

    your input is very much appreciated

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  3. Waterlooer's Avatar
    From Waterloo, ON | Member Since Apr 2010 | 853 Posts
    Welcome to Waterloo Region! There are many great camp sites across south-western Ontario, but for the Region of Waterloo, I would recommend to Laural Creek area.
  4. From West-South-West Kitchener | Member Since May 2010 | 1,587 Posts
    The GRCA in general is who you should be looking at - great parkland, beaches and camping!
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    If you are willing to go a little farther from Waterloo Region ( still part of the GRCA (Grand River Conservation Authoriity) ) I would definitely recommend the camping at Elora Gorge.
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    For beaches: if you have the means of transportation and the time (2 hour drive) head to Lake Huron. It is the superior lake. Kincardine and Grand Bend have nice beaches.
  7. Oh.. how nice, thank you guys..I checked out GRCA site, it has all the info!
    Lake Huron Beach looks great via google images I don't mind the drive so def. gonna check it out

    Thanks again...
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  8. Waterlooer's Avatar
    From Waterloo, ON | Member Since Apr 2010 | 853 Posts
    Pinery Provincial Park is my favourite. Just north of Grand Bend.
  9. Section ThirtyOne's Avatar
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    If we're talking Waterloo Region, i'd agree with the previous poster who mentioned Elora Gorge.

    Now if we're talking the Lake Huron shores, Pinery is a great choice but you had better reserve those sites early via their online booking tool:
  10. RangersFan's Avatar
    From Kitchener | Member Since Jan 2010 | 1,578 Posts
    Rockwood is nice as well, its not to far outside of Guelph.