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  1. Dundas-Beverly Triangle

    Another UW planning project!

    Students envision new life for gritty corner of old Galt
    By Kevin Swayze, Record staff

    Living and working, learning and farming.

    That’s the future University of Waterloo planning students see for my rough little corner of old Galt...

    ...Every year, Hammond assigns third-year students to research and create redevelopment plans for real problem spots. In recent years, student projects have reimagined the former MTD lawn mower factory on Ottawa Street in Kitchener, abandoned land at the west end of Hamilton Harbour, and an industrial corner in old Oakville.

    Last summer, Hammond wanted to turn her students loose in Hespeler Village. But with some redevelopment already happening there, Cambridge planning commissioner Janet Babcock pointed Hammond to the forgotten Dundas-Beverly district of Galt.

    Students were told to design an environmentally thrifty, compact residential and work district.
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    I was in Prof. Hammond's design class last summer. Hardest design class so far, that location was hard to think for.
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    Fantastic! This district really needs some work. There are plenty of abandonded industrial lands on Beverly St that could be redeveloped and tied with Soper Park which as well needs a facelift. The Rail corssing of Beverly St. needs to be widended as well to improve traffic. A GO Station would be nice there with all the redevelopment.