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City Centre Condominiums | 63 , 52 m | 17 , 14 fl | Sales (Model Opens Feb 26th)

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I find it insulting that a brand new building on King Street has a main entry that is completely inaccessible for wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, strollers or a host of other mobility devices. How can a company get a building permit at that location without having an accessibility plan that includes an accessible main entrance? It's not like it would have been difficult to have put a ramp out front. There is plenty of room.

I called them to find out if the building has any level entry and it does, but it is currently impassable due to mud and unfinished construction. So someone who needs a level entrance could possibly get in at a later date. When? Who knows? This means they will miss out on the offers others who can just walk in freely will receive tomorrow.

I'd say it's unfortunate, but that is too kind. It's insensitive, insulting and wrong that in 2011 this happened. I won't buy from a company that gives so little thought to meeting the needs of everyone in the community and I hope others follow suit.

Thank you Andrin, and the city of Kitchener. Thank you for further marginalizing hundreds of people for no good reason.