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City Centre Condominiums | 63 , 52 m | 17 , 14 fl | Sales (Model Opens Feb 26th)

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Quote Originally Posted by Greg Moore
Here are a couple of pictures of the "accessible" entrance of City Center's brand new sales office. I remain unimpressed by Andrin's effort to afford basic access to their sales office in a brand new building that could have easily been made accessible. I am also ashamed the city of Kitchener didn't insist that the King Street entrance be accessible.

The lip at the bottom of the ramp is at least two inches which would likely mean many people in a chair or scooter would require assistance getting on the ramp. There has also been no obvious effort to salt or clear an ice free path way to the ramp.

There is no doorbell or method of getting attention to get assistance to open the door. As well, the area to the right of the door isn't as safe as it could be for someone to place their chair in a position to open the door. The edge should have some kind of lip, or railing on it.

Overall, I'm disappointed that once again, accessibility appears to be an afterthought, or perhaps seen as a required inconvenience to the builder. Many people with mobility issues could benefit from living in an apartment in an urban core. Building custom options to a unit and small design changes in the property's entirety could make a world of difference to someones life with little effect on anyone else.

I hope Andrin takes steps to better meet the needs of everyone in the future. If anyone from Andrin would like to discuss how that could be done, please contact me.

If anyone would like to contact me about general mobility or disability issues, I also welcome that.
Greg Moore
Urban Issues Moderator
Wonderful Waterloo